Sign Trimble County Water District's office is located at 34 East Morgan Dr, about 1/4 mile past  Stop-N-Go on Highway 42 East.

Office hours are Monday thru Friday, 8:30am to 4:30pm.

We now accept Credit Card Payments! You can stop by or call the office at (502) 255-7554 to make your payment today.
Automatic Bank Draft is available!
-Save your stamps!
        -Save your checks!
        -Save your time!
        -Prevent late charges!

    Sign Up Today! Click here for an application, fill it out, and return it to the office at your earliest convenience.
    Please Note: You will still receive your monthly bill it will say, "MEMO BILL - DO NOT PAY" so you will know the amount being debited from your account. Your account isn't debited until later in the month, so you have time to dispute the charges if you think your bill is incorrect.
Important Information
Please See the Below Links:

Notice of Proposed Rate Change

Case Filings for PSC Rate Change

Next Sch
       Board Meeting:

     FEBRUARY  28, 2018
          @ 9:00am
Click here for public notices.
The 2016 Water Quality Report is available online. Click the Water Quality Tab to the left 

Planning on Digging?
What about buried utilities?
Know what's below.

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Call Kentucky 811 two business days before beginning any excavation or digging in your yard. Kentucky 811 will notify the appropriate utilities to come out and locate the lines to help prevent accidental line cuts and dig-ins leading to interruptions of your service.
Please note: Local Water & Sewer Districts are usually not registered with BUD, so you need to contact them separately to locate underground water & sewer lines. Contact the District at (502) 255-7554 to have the water lines marked. If you are inside the City limits and served by public sewer, contact the City of Bedford at (502) 255-3684.

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