Useful Links

Local Utilities
    Water & Sewer
        City of Bedford
        City of Milton
        Louisville Gas & Electric (LG&E)
Kentucky Utilities
        Shelby Energy Cooperative
        Insight Communications
    Official Trimble County Website
    Local Trimble County Website
    Trimble County Schools
KY State Government

Water Associations & Regulatory Agencies
American Water Works Association
    Kentucky Rural Water Association
    Kentucky/Tennessee Section AWWA
    National Rural Water Association
    National Ground Water Association
    Kentucky Division of Water
    Kentucky Infrastructure Authority
    Kentucky Public Service Commission
    U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Other Water Information

    American Ground Water Trust
    Ground Water Protection Council
    National Environmental Services Center
    The Ground Water Foundation

Charitable Organizations
(Not endorsed by TCWD; please research before giving)

    Charity Water
    Just a Drop
    Water Aid
    Water Charity
    Water for People

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