At Trimble County Water District, we take great pride in our role of ensuring high quality water services to homes  and businesses throughout the county. We are committed to providing a safe, clean, and reliable supply of  drinking water. Water is the most indispensable product in every home and we ask everyone to be conservative and help us in our efforts to protect the water source and the water system.
    Trimble County Water District currently serves a little over 1,400 customers with about 110 miles of water mains. We maintain this water system with 5 full-time employees. We are subject to the rules and regulations set forth by the Public Service Commission. For a copy of the District's tariffs, click here.
         Trimble County Water District
                 Board of Commission

Wayne Smith, Chairperson
Doug Stark, Secretary
Beery Welty, Treasurer

  Trimble County Water District Staff

Terri Campbell, Office Manager
        Sarah Tackett, Customer Service Representative
Neil Martindale, District Field Operator Class III  Mike Albert, Field Assistant Operator  Class II
Rick Law-Field Assistant

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